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digital vikings is an HR and organisational consultancy specialising in digital commerce. We see ourselves as true sparring partners for our candidates and clients - always with the goal of finding the perfect match. In doing so, we always question the status quo and act according to the motto: be brave. Only those who are brave dare to embark on new journeys, to develop themselves further and to do things differently. This is how progress and innovation become possible.

Your exiting Tasks.

You know what tasks you have to take on in recruiting, but would much rather know what we do differently in recruiting? Great, because we're not interested in the typical buzzword bingo in job advertisements, but would much rather show you what makes us special.

🚀 Are you missing functions in your current ATS? We know!

Since we haven't found an ATS that meets all our requirements (yet), we develop our own tools. With us, you have the opportunity to help shape the development and to engage in direct exchange with our developers.

🚀 The customer's specialist department doesn't have the time for an intensive briefing, but you still don't understand the task area 100%?

We bring together experts from the field of e-commerce who can answer all your questions about our typical search profiles. So you can finally talk to candidates at eye level.

🚀 Does it take too long to get feedback on your candidates? Is the search profile constantly changing? You can't find any new, suitable candidates in your sourcing? You don't have someone who can answer all your questions?

We have all experienced this in the past. That's why it's so important for us to exchange ideas and learn from each other. We have recruiting experts with experience on the company and service provider side who share their best practices in regular formats - so we can constantly learn and grow from each other.

🚀 You are looking for variety and want to develop yourself further?

We offer our clients various services (e.g. "Rent a Recruiter"), so you can get a taste of different areas, learn new things and develop yourself further.

🚀 Are you more of a creative person?

Do you constantly have new ideas, think things differently, want to drive innovation? Welcome to our team! With us, you can help develop and advance Digital Vikings beyond recruiting.

This is what you can expect as a fresh viking with us.

A great team that makes work feel particularly easy. Communication at eye level, involvement in decision-making processes, each individual can actively contribute to the company's development. In addition, you can find an excerpt of our benefits here, which, by the way, we worked out together as a team.

  • Two days a year that can be used specifically for social work or corresponding "heart projects".
  • Very flexible working time models and remote work.
  • Further training to suit each role.
  • Mentoring programme - guidance from more experienced team members.
  • Meetings with the whole team.
  • Co-determination in IT equipment.

be brave. Get in touch with us! We would be very happy to get to know you.

Since we are convinced of the effectiveness of diverse teams, we take talents into account regardless of age, gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, nationality, religion or disability. Everyone is welcome - that is our culture.

Interested? Of course!


We are looking forward to receive your application including your salary expectations and earliest possible starting date. If you have any questions, please contact Gina at gina.renner@digitalvikings.com

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