How we see the market

These days, recruiting truly appropriate online specialists and digital managers is ‘mission critical’ in establishing digital units and in transformation processes. The rapidly increasing degree of specialisation and the demands of candidates make this search extremely challenging and complex.

We firmly believe that in the current environment, recruitment involves far more than merely ‘quickly’ finding a new employee. It is about optimally assembled teams and an appropriately structured organisation that functions in line with the company objectives.

Companies therefore need to employ modern recruiting methods, work consistently on their employer brand and build long-term relationships with top talents.

Our mission

We ensure the long-term success of digital projects and initiatives in companies through comprehensive consulting and integrated all-in-one solutions in recruiting.

We find the perfect match between extraordinary candidates, challenging assignments and outstanding companies.

We develop and expedite the careers of talents and executives.


Our services

Executive Search & Specialist Recruiting

Highly specialised in the areas of e-commerce, digital marketing, tech and creativity, we find outstanding specialists, executives and young professionals who are a professional and cultural match for your company.

Interim Management

Time-critical digital project? No suitable staff? No digital strategy yet? We provide you with competent specialists in the short term or with experienced team leaders and project managers to assist you with your projects and initiatives.

Digital Transformation

Is your company planning or in the process of digital transformation? We support you by finding the ideal employees for these change processes or by assessing your current employees.