The Vikings were fearless and innovative explorers and conquerors. This is in our DNA. We are intrepid in breaking new ground in recruitment together with our customers and candidates.

We are different. We ask questions. We get involved. We advise. We demand. We are honest. We don’t mince our words. We invest. We have heart and we have passion. We are partners. We are consultants. We are service providers. We are a network. We make careers.

And we love to laugh – often, and heartily. We’re just – Digital Vikings.

Thomas founded Digital Vikings in 2016. With over 20 years of operational experience in e-commerce, he is an ideal HR consultant for the digital age. Thomas has founded various start-ups of his own and spent many years in executive roles. For him, developing digital units has always been part of his day-to-day activities, as well as the management of transformation processes and the challenges that come with it. Thomas has an understanding like no other when it comes to the points of view of both the company and the candidate. This makes him an ideal partner and consultant for both parties.

Thomas is our expert in all matters concerning recruitment strategy, change management, digital transformation and organisational development.

Thomas Schaeben

Founder & CEO

Oliver has been an enthusiastic executive for more than 17 years. Since 2001, his focus has been on setting up and managing various online service centre units with up to 120 employees. After more than 1,500 job interviews, there are not many people who know more about recruiting. Finding candidates with the right personality and the right skills, integrating them into high-performance teams, and assisting them with their personal development; these are goals for which Oliver works diligently and deliberately. He dedicates himself enthusiastically to the individuality of each candidate and throws himself wholeheartedly into assisting them in their professional development.

Oliver is our recruiting specialist for customer relations, customer care and product management.

Oliver Schaeben


Anna has the heart and soul of an online marketer. She has been working online as a freelance consultant servicing the most diverse companies and industries for more than 12 years. Anna knows the requirements of demanding online projects. She is convinced that digital transformation can only succeed if the focus is on the human element – the customer as well as the employee. And it is this spirit that makes her a perfect match for us.

Anna manages the marketing activities of Digital Vikings and is a recruiting expert in the areas of content, SEO and social media.

Anna Jacobi

Marketing & Recruiting

Jonathan is our ‘high potential’. While still studying business information systems, he was a student assistant at Digital Vikings and discovered his love for the field of HR. Jonathan is passionate about the continuous optimisation of our selection processes and systems. As a researcher, he also devotes himself to systematically searching for and approaching potential candidates.

Jonathan is our expert in all matters e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

Jonathan Ernst

Business Development