We are Digital Vikings

The Founders


Thomas Schaeben

“Success is not about hiring the “Digital Rockstar” anymore and much more about how to build and develop and “high performance team!”

We believe that companies can only be successful in the age of digital transformation when they focus on sustainably building the right teams. At Digital Vikings we do not only focus on finding the right specialists and executive, we always ensure that they are the right fit for the organization.

Our Motto: Hire for attitude AND skills AND personality!

About Thomas

Thomas has more than 20 years of experience in digital retail, both in successfully building and scaling startups as an entrepreneur and in leadership roles in some of the largest digital mail order companies.

He combines his expertise from both worlds when it comes to finding the “right” candidate that matches with the needs and culture of our customers. He is always acting as a counsel and coach for companies and candidates.

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Lars Rabe

Lars Rabe

„The most important key to success is to have the right team in the right setup, from top to bottom. Companies that have great ideas and the best products but a team that is not ready to fully embrace it, will become mediocre and disappear, sooner or later.“

We believe that companies have to be able to constantly adapt to the new normal in the digital age. To succeed, it is inevitable that they have an organization in place that is able to build and inspire their teams to play a winning game.

Our Motto: “Good is the enemy of great” (Jim Collins)

About Lars

Lars brings more than 20 years of experience in digital retail to our company. He has been working as a successful entrepreneur, in leadership roles in high growth international SaaS companies and as a board advisor with many eCommerce organizations throughout Europe and Asia.

During this time, he discovered his passion for building and scaling teams in various regions and helping his customers to successfully develop and deploy digital commerce strategies.

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Meet the Team

Why is the general consensus that vikings were innovative explorers and conquerors? Because they acted as a team - they were brave and unflinching. And this is in our DNA.

What does this have to do with recruiting? These characteristics are missing in the recruiting processes of today. But they are the key to finding the real talents in the digital market to achieve a real digital transformation.

We are real. We ask questions. We get involved. We advise. We demand. We are honest. We invest. We have passion. And we are brave enough in breaking new ground in recruitment - Together with our customers and candidates. Let's sail the digital sea together and bring humanity back in the virtual world!

Oh, and we love to laugh – often, and heartily because we’re simply – Digital Vikings.



Gina Renner

Recruiting Strategies

Gina is an expert in tech recruiting and is passionately committed to the topic of diversity and inclusion. Like a real Viking, she has travelled extensively and has worked for fast growing tech companies as well as agencies. She loves to network and inspires everyone with her positive attitude.

Tobias Papke_Profil.jpg

Tobias Papke


Tobias is recruiter for a good reason. Our viking with an outstanding benevolence loves to laugh which is why he is doing it often. Thanks to his courteous and accurate nature he is always our haven of peace in busy phases. Tobias is encountering your future talents encouraging and circumspectly however he is never considering himself too good for a funny and well worded ad-lip.




Rafael Kozinski

Data Analytics & Sourcing

Rafael is the active sourcer and captain of the Digital Vikings crew. Always focusing on the big picture, Rafael is the single-minded and persistent viking in pursuing our all goal: matching the right candidate with his or her ideal company. Whenever he's stuck he just finds a new perspective or improves the algorithm. Nothing is unachievable with the right attitude. 




Marcel Sollorz

Content & Marketing

Marcel likes to plan - no matter if it's a complex content strategy or when he's having lunch. For him, it is always part of the process to combine creativity with the willingness to learn. If something escapes him, he will adapt and learn the right formulas to acquire the know-how needed. A Viking with a love for discovery!


Janis Hahn

Project Development

Janis started as a digital sourcer. But with his viking-like perseverance and his ability to fluently speak tech and IT, he proved himself as the much better software developer. So that he is now puzzling codes in our backend. Also he is the contructive realist of the crew and a big fan of "real talk". He addresses problems nobody likes to talk about.






Anna Merk

Data Analytics & Sourcing

Anna is a sourcer who loves to deal with data and research. Like a true Viking she is not afraid of difficulties and in an ocean of data she manages to find exactly the right answers for all possible questions.


Rebecca Prahst


For Rebecca, there is no chaos that she’s not able to manage. Whether in sourcing, research or software testing, she analyzes the facts and finds the logic behind them. In doing so, she is always interested in learning about new things, as well tools, complicated data sets or runic writing.


Timo & Kiwi

Happiness Manager

Vikings are not pirates - they do not have parrots, but budgies! With a benevolent beep or a letter that they add to the keyboard when they land: Timo and Kiwi are always on board of the Digital Vikings with full commitment. Ahead of the other budgies of their time, they discover the digital world!


Bastian Breibert

Project Development

Bastian is the heart and brain of the small crew. He keeps track of the whole organisation and incidentally also programs and codes for all it's worth. With his optimistic spirit he defines the human values that matters for a real digital transformation.


Marius Kopatschek

Software Development

Marius is the real "digital thinker" of the team. Even the most complicated tech issues, tools and programmes he translates in an easy, understandable language every vikings crew member can understand. Talking rot does not apply for him - he develops an innovative digital solution for every crazy-creative idea. And if the tool he needs does not exist yet? No problem! Like a real Digital Viking he just programs it himself.