We know what we’re talking about.

With numerous years spent in the most varied positions in the Internet industry, the Digital Vikings team is the ideal partner to accompany you on your career path. We have founded start-ups, managed e-commerce departments in groups of companies, developed content marketing strategies and established affiliate networks. Rest assured, we understand only too well what your day-to-day work involves, and we are able to assess whether a new position or role in another company is a career opportunity for you or not – whether you are a developer, an SEO expert or an online marketer.

We focus on your career.

We know the industry like no HR consultant does – we have seen a lot. In addition to successfully establishing companies, taking huge career steps and completing many successful projects, there was also the odd endeavour that did not work out quite as planned. We would love to share this wealth of experience with you! We can help you find out what your next career step might be, or identify the areas you should work on for your personal development.

Of one thing you can be sure – we will never offer you a position that does not match your profile to correspond to your vision for your career. And if we feel it is necessary, we will even advise you against accepting a position if we feel it is not a 100% match for you.

We are interested in you.

We would like to find out more about you – even if yours is not an entirely linear CV with ‘dazzling’ references. That’s because we are convinced that these days it is not a ‘perfect’ CV that is decisive, but rather excellent professional skills and the drive to create and achieve something. If you bring these attributes to the table, we would love to discuss your vision for your career and your prospects with you – even if you have no wish to seek employment elsewhere for the time being.

We are interested in your long-term success and in walking your career path alongside you, regardless of whether we get an assignment out of it right now or not.

(De) Kandidatenstimmen

“Digital Vikings enabled me to take the next step on the career ladder. The application process was totally transparent and indicative of an honest and super professional approach, with input and support from the first recruitment interviews and feedback after interviews at the company right through to follow-up interviews while already employed at the company. Finding Digital Vikings was a real stroke of luck!”

- Andreas Hartmann ( Head of Campaigns )

“Thomas was very open and easy to talk to right from the beginning. You can tell straight away that he stakes his reputation on making sure that the vacancy on offer, the job prospects and the future team are really right for you and that this is the correct career move. He is a fair-minded, honest and enthusiastic consultant. He also openly points out potential pitfalls which is very valuable! I am totally happy in my new job.”

- Dominik Hennecke ( Expert Analytics & BI )

“Thomas was not the first agent who wanted to find me a job as an online marketing manager. But he was the first one who really looked at my profile and understood where I was coming from. He himself has experience in e-commerce so we were speaking the same language right from the start, and we built up a relationship of trust very quickly because of his dependable and professional manner. I would never have imagined then that I myself would be working as a recruitment consultant for him and with him…and with great pleasure. Thanks Thomas!”

- Anna Jacobi ( Marketing & Recruiting Consultant )

“Thomas Schaeben invested a great deal of time and supported me every step of the way. He himself has a background in e-commerce and so we were speaking the same language when it came to discussing the issues at stake in my case. I also felt well informed at all times and prepared for what awaited me in professional and cultural terms. And we are still in contact even after the successful completion of the process. Thomas is a great sparring partner with valuable insights and the right contacts in the expert networks. Yeah.”

- Michael Stolte-Dehn ( Chief Digital Officer )

“Thomas Schaeben introduced me to a new and very exciting job at a digital consultancy firm which hadn’t been on my agenda before. As soon as we met and started talking, I felt he understood me. He immediately realized what stimulates me and noticed whether the chemistry was right between me and the company. You notice straight away that he has worked in the industry and has seen a lot there and knows what matters.”

- Maximilian Demberg ( Consultant )

“Anna’s offer came at just the right time for me. She has such a positive attitude and the whole procedure was very professional so it felt like I was in good hands throughout the process. It took less than four weeks from the first email to the signing of the contract. In the end I got the job I wanted – and would recommend Anna to any job-seeker as a trusted adviser.”

- Sebastian Schlack ( Head of Content Creation )

“The entire process was very transparent and Olli kept me informed about the progress of the application without being asked. He also stood up for me at K-Lifestyle and was always ready to listen to my questions. I also loved his relaxed and very friendly manner and I always had the feeling that we were communicating as equals and working towards the same goal. Olli helped me with everything until the very end and guided me with moral and practical support. I thought the service was amazing and I would go back to him any time I needed to.”

- Anonymous candidate

“I have never met such a nice headhunter before – seriously. You’re a really class act, Olli!”

- Anonymous candidate

“Even though it didn’t work out in the end, I would like to express my gratitude again for the positive feedback and I would also like to say how enjoyable it was to work with Olli during the application process!”

- Anonymous candidate

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