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With numerous years spent in various in the Internet industry, the Digital Vikings team is the ideal partner to guide you on your career path. We have founded and grown start-ups, managed e-commerce departments, and SaaS teams, developed content marketing strategies and established affiliate networks. We understand what your day-to-day work involves, and we are able to assess whether a new position or role in another company is a career opportunity for you – whether you are a developer, an SEO expert or anexecutive.

We focus on your career

We know the industry like no HR consultant does – we have seen a lot. In addition to successfully establishing companies, taking huge career steps and completing many successful projects, we have also seen many things that simply didn't work. We would love to share this wealth of experience with you! We can help you find out what your next career step might be, or identify the areas you should work on for your personal development.

Our promise – we will never offer you a position that does not match with your profile or your vision for your career. And if we feel it is necessary, we will even advise you against accepting a position if we feel it is not a 100% match for you.

We want to inspire you

We would like to find out more about you  and we don't care about entirely linear CV with ‘amazing’ references. We are convinced that not a ‘perfect’ CV is decisive, but rather excellent professional skills and the drive to create and achieve something. If you bring these attributes to the table, we would love to discuss your vision for your career with you – even if you have no wish to seek employment elsewhere for the time being.

We are interested in your long-term success and in walking your career path alongside you, regardless if we get an assignment out of it or not.

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